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Governance of Peer Support Accreditation and Certification (Canada)

The Governance of PSACC is the responsibility of the Board of Directors. The Board is composed of the following individuals:

Stephane Grenier (President) – Ian Arnold (Vice- President) – Jayne Barker (Treasurer) – George Donovan (Secretary), Shana Calixte and Gillian Mulvale.

“Where a group is too large to efficiently make all necessary decisions, it creates an entity to facilitate the process. Group members delegate a large portion of the decision-making responsibility to this entity. One simple definition of governance is “the art of steering societies and organizations.” Governance is about the more strategic aspects of steering, making the larger decisions about both direction and rolesIn the non-governmental sector, representing stakeholder interests may be a determining factor in the governance to be applied. Even within these sectors, size, shape, form and function will vary greatly from one organization to the next.”

Source: The Institute on Governance, a not-for-profit public interest institution in Canada