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Evaluation Sites

Peer support evaluation sites are aimed at building the evidence base for peer support provided in accordance with the National Standards of Practice.

PSACC has developed a web-based platform for the exclusive purpose of evaluating peer support in a highly confidential manner. Data collection instruments can evaluate the impact of a Peer Support Program (PSP) on the Evaluation Site itself, its peer supporters and the peers accessing support. Data collection includes:

a) An organization-wide voluntary and confidential survey to provide a baseline regarding mental health and attitudes. This is repeated at regular intervals to track change;

b) Peer Supporter surveys to be completed by Peer Supporters just prior to their involvement (or as soon as possible thereafter) in the PSP (as a baseline) and at regular intervals thereafter. The purpose is to evaluate the impact of being a Peer Supporter;

c) Peer Supporter interaction reports that will be used following each Peer support interaction for the purpose of generating program statistics and to evaluate their perception of the impact on the Peer. All Peer data collected will be anonymous in the hands of PSACC; and

d) Peer surveys completed voluntarily by Peers to evaluate the impact of Peer support on the Peer.

Over time, reports from multiple Evaluation Sites will make it possible to use the accumulated data for research purposes (data will not be identifiable to a particular evaluation site, unless that site expressly agrees to be identified).

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