Buying Your Own 100% Natural Latex Mattress

Natural latex beds are now highly recommended in the market than spring beds. And you are now also interested in buying one for you knowing the advantages and benefits that this product can bring to you. Santa Cruz is encouraging customers to effectively learn and differentiate the unique satisfaction and refreshing comfort that Santa Cruz natural mattress can give. Santa Cruz also is inviting prospective customers to visit the products showroom for your own experience. Aside from doing this, you may want to consider reading the discussion below why buy latex bed.

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Features of Santa Cruz Latex Mattress

The Santa Cruz latex products began from Gary Kramer of Mulligan Mattress for completely crafting chemical free and luxurious comfortable natural organic mattresses at a very reasonable affordable price. They have been building the same philosophy considering Mulligan as a sister company that will produce excellent craftmanship and high quality natural latex beddings all over the market world.

  • 100% Natural Botanical Latex           
  1. Eco-Friendly
  2. Organic Cotton
  3. Durability and High Quality
  4. Non-Toxic and Comfort
  5. Handcrafted and Affordable

Santa Cruz latex mattresses provide a natural 100% natural botanical latex and encased in zippered covers of knitted 100% organic cotton. Santa Cruz practices and adheres environment issues that need to be addressed. The knitted fabric covers are stretchable and can stretch in all directions while it is supported by latex foam.

 There are no used petrochemicals in producing the product, the mattresses considered as free form toxic and harmful chemicals. This latex is only eco-friendly being recyclable and can stand for about 10 years usage warranty but can be longer years of usage as shared by some valuable customers.

Latex Mattresses Benefits To you

  • High Quality with affordable price

-The product is already known to its useful long terms sage and has a very best materials used in producing the latex mattress. Its affordable is reasonable and always provide customer satisfaction.

  • Comfort with Safety and Care

-The latex bed is verified to very efficient in doing a comfortable situation in any ways. You will feel highly comfy and safe from the latex bed since it is an organic product and does not produce any unnecessary unpleasant odor. Natural latex also acts a barrier to prevent dust mites and bacteria from your bed.

There are many advantages of natural organic latex mattress in the environment, also for the living creature in the environment. You may contact Santa Cruz for additional information.