Are Prescription Opioids Dangerous?

Many people take prescription opioids on a daily basis without knowing if they are dangerous or not. We think that as long as a doctor prescribes something, then it’s safe to use. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case and the opioid epidemic is a prime example of this. More and more people are becoming addicted to pain pills that they’ve first received at the doctors office. Once you’re dependent on these prescriptions, then finding one of the many Long Island opioid detox centers is your best solution to recover. Addiction is no joke, and the painful withdrawal symptoms are difficult to deal with. It’s almost impossible to detox on your own when it comes to prescription opiates.

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From Prescription Pain Pills to Heroin

When people can’t stop using pharmaceutical opiates, they may end up on the road to something stronger. Heroin is cheaper and gives a better rush than pain pills, so naturally many people because full-blown addicts and buy heroin from drug dealers on the street. A Long Island heroin detox helps addicts safely get off this drug in a medical setting with clinical supervision. With that being said, prescription opioids are definitely dangerous because they are very physically addictive and often there are alternative safer remedies for dealing with pain.

The road of dependency is often dark and lonely. It’s fueled by prescription pain pills, and may lead to heroin abuse if the problem is not nipped at the bud in the early stages. Addiction is progressive and chronic so the longer you’re abusing opiates, the more difficult it becomes to get off them. However, remember that you’re definitely not alone and other people have achieved recovery from substance abuse.

What to do when you’re addicted to opiates?

Doctors will quickly push opiates for patients because they offer instant relief but don’t deal with the root causes of the pain. While some pain may be deliberating and chronic which requires strong medication, many people are unnecessarily given opiates. That’s why in recent years, so many people are ending up in a Long Island rehab and entering the world of recovery. People that otherwise would have never thought they would be addicts are receiving treatment in drug rehabs such as Long Island Interventions and other places. If you’re addicted to prescription opiates and can’t stop taking them, please consult your physician as soon as possible so you can work together on the proper detox protocol.